Enterprise-Wide Kiosk Deployment

InfoAktiv TouchScreen is designed so that it can work as a stand-alone device or as a customer-facing ‘front-end’ for enterprise document distribution systems. This means that it can be used in conjunction with existing electronic distribution and print on demand implementations and maximise the value of them by bridging that ‘last metre’ to the customer in face-to-face sales and marketing situations.

By enabling a complete, integrated solution to brochure and collateral distribution requirements, InfoAktiv delivers enterprise users much greater operational efficiency, market responsiveness and cost savings than stand-alone solutions. Point products will not offer the same level of benefits and the internet alone does not work well for face-to-face situations. Furthermore, by providing standardized products, InfoAktiv minimizes your cost of ownership and maximizes your investment protection.

InfoAktiv provides superior solutions for:

  • Brochure and collateral distribution at tradeshows
  • POS materials and product information at shops and branch offices
  • Information and brochure distribution to internal personnel and business partners

Your Return on Investment is increased even further by taking advantage of the technology built in to InfoAktiv to increase customer footfall and make communication with them a two-way experience.

  • Interact with customers by running competitions and prize draws to increase interest and gather contact details
  • Run video, animated advertisements and presentations that attract more attention
  • Take advantage of new media such as podcasts