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InfoAktiv and our Premier Partners offer everything you need to ensure that your implementation of InfoAktiv runs smoothly and that you get the years of hassle-free use that you would expect from your investment. Just decide which jobs you want to keep in-house and what you would prefer to outsource. Our specialists will take care of as much or as little as you want. InfoAktiv and Premier Partner services can support you through the entire cycle from specifying an InfoAktiv system through to lifetime support of it.

Ad hoc Services - £120 per hour

If you want help with absolutely anything to do with setting up or managing your InfoAktiv system just contact us. We’ll be happy to help you out. This makes it very easy if you just want occasional help and support without any ongoing commitment Contact InfoAktiv.

Packaged Services

Before you Take Delivery

System Building
  • Sourcing the hardware and system software to run InfoAktiv on.
  • Building a ‘turn-key’ InfoAktiv system for you.
  • Developing a ‘look and feel’ to promote your corporate branding.
  • Design the optimum technical configuration to meet your expected needs and capacity requirements.


Benefits assessment - *FREE*
  • Defining how InfoAktiv will be integrated with your organization’s communications plan and working practices.
  • Liaison with your IT department if necessary.
  • Building the implementation and roll-out plan.

Implementing Your New System

System Hand-Over (½ Day)
  • Informal ‘on the job’ training to demonstrate InfoAktiv to your staff so that they can run the system without further assistance.
  • Set up your information in the system.
  • Tailor the look and feel with your corporate branding.
Training Courses
  • Classroom training covering all aspects of InfoAktiv and Content Manager.
Large-Scale Implementation Projects
  • Delivering and installing InfoAktiv systems.
  • Project management to oversee the implementation and ensure a smooth roll-out on schedule.
  • Working with your IT team where necessary, to connect to your existing network and systems.

Ongoing Management of InfoAktiv

InfoAktiv Software Support
  • Dial-in remote support.
  • Email helpdesk.
  • Free upgrades within versions (ie. Version 2.x to 2.y).Outsourced services
  • Special offers on upgrades between versions (eg. Version 2.y to 3.0).
  • Updates on new features, functions and resources to help you to make the most of InfoAktiv.
  • Outsource the ongoing management of your InfoAktiv system.
Annual System Support
  • Provides a single point of contact for any issue with your InfoAktiv system or the hardware and prerequisite software it is running on.
  • First level fault tracing and identification.
  • Return to Base hardware support.
  • Handles liaison with vendors in the event of any issues.
  • Coordination of multiple vendors’ warranties and support.
  • Telephone or face-to-face reviews to maximise your return on the InfoAktiv system.
  • Other features may be available depending upon the Premier Partner providing this support.
Outsourced and Per-Event Services
  • Hiring Hardware and software for events. Click here for more information  
  • Setting up systems for specific events.
  • Content management including production, printing and automatic fulfillment of information requests.
  • Outsource the ongoing management of your InfoAktiv system.
  • Setting up Email addresses to send documents from.
  • Post-event data processing and analysis.
  • Transport and logistical support.
Content Creation
  • InfoAktiv resources such as backgrounds, banners, attractor screens and icons can all be created for you.
  • Exploit the full power of InfoAktiv by using interactive media and video.
  • Our network of partners can provide a full range of design, copywriting and production services.