The InfoAktiv Difference

InfoAktiv provides a complete, easily deployed and cost-effective solution that bridges the gap between complex document management systems and the custom applications that were previously needed to distribute collateral and drive touch screens and kiosks.

Touch screens, print-on-demand and electronic document distribution are not new technologies. Their potential benefits are obvious but their implementation has been limited by the lack of standard software to exploit them. Many companies have not taken advantage of such solutions because they could not justify the up-front expense and long term commitment of writing and supporting a bespoke application.

By working with InfoAktiv and our partners you will be implementing a standards-based solution that ensures lower cost of ownership and better investment protection. Our standards include enterprise-class quality, reliability and long term support. Because we provide a complete solution rather than a ‘point product’ we can guarantee that you reap the full operational and financial benefits that you would expect from implementing electronic collateral distribution.