InfoAktiv TouchScreen Specifications

  • Customer interface
    . 17" / 43cm LCD colour TouchScreen.
    . 19" / 48cm LCD colour TouchScreen.
    . Menu search
    . Keyword search
  • Set-up and management software
    . Auto set-up from Windows directories
    . Customisation using standard Windows utilities
    . Optional InfoAktiv modules for customer interaction and information gathering.
  • Optional content manager software
    . Provides a graphical user interface to simplify and speed up the tailoring of TouchScreen Content Folders
    . Quickly sets up interactive quizzes and prize draws; excellent for drawing attention to your offerings.
    . Creates and manages questions to gather information from TouchScreen users.
  • File formats supported
    . PDF
    . Microsoft PowerPoint
    . InfoAktiv QuizMaster
    . MP3
    . Video
  • Capacity
    Comes with 60GB of content space as standard, enough for a combination of approximately 600,000 pages of PDF documents,
    200 hours of video or 1,000 hours of MP3 sound
  • Enclosure options
    . Free-standing TouchScreen kiosk
    . Countertop LCD TouchScreen
    . Wall mounted LCD TouchScreen
    . Customised mounts and enclosure
  • Local printing
    . Postscript colour laser printer with duplex option
  • Security
    . Two copies of data can be stored on separate physical devices.
    . System protection by hardware security dongle
  • Warranty
    . Return to base on hardware
    . Remote software support
  • Data analysis
    . Full audit trail of user activity and requests
    . Data output is Microsoft Excel compatible