Solutions for Stores and Public Buildings

Increase Productivity – Reduce Costs - Improve Customer Interaction and Satisfaction - Close More Sales
  • Knowledgeable staff sell more - An obvious fact, but far easier said than done.
  • InfoAktiv TouchScreen can make your sales people more productive by placing the information customers want at their fingertips.
  • With quality of information being a key buying influence this translates directly into more satisfied customers and higher sales.
InfoAktiv TouchScreen can deliver a competitive edge by:
  • Improving the customers’ experience and perception
  • Increasing sales and cross-selling
  • Reducing staff training costs and the time taken for them to become productive
InfoAktiv TouchScreen can be used to increase customer footfall and gather information about them:
  • Animated advertisements and videos attract attention
  • Prize draws and promotions increase footfall and gather customer information
  • Competitions and quizzes stimulate conversations about you and your products
InfoAktiv TouchScreen is very easy to manage and capable of holding information about 1,000s of products.
  • It is accessed through an attractive, intuitive touch screen interface.
  • You can take advantage of new technologies and media by enabling users to take copies of information by:
    • Email
    • Copying it to a USB storage device
    • Printing it immediately
    • Requesting a copy to be mailed