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Service Description Price / week
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Complete Service This provides everything you need to use InfoAktiv at an event.
InfoAktiv or an InfoAktiv Premier Partner takes care of everything for you. We provide a touch screen kiosk that is pre-loaded with InfoAktiv Professional software and information that you send us. Just send us the files you want to display on the kiosk and tell us how you want to organize and distribute them.
After the event we provide a detailed audit report and analysis of all the activity on the system; who requested what, and what follow-up actions are required.

All of the following items are included in the Standard Service:
  • Uploading the information you supply in your chosen menu structure.
  • Creating standard email templates to fulfil user information requests.
  • Setting up the kiosk to send the emails requested via an email account that you provide.
  • Creating a banner with your logo to appear on all information listing screens.
  • Creating a standard icon to appear next to items of information.
  • Creating a 1-page 'attractor screen' to display when the InfoAktiv system is idle.
  • Setting up questions to collect users' details when they request information.
  • Configuring the system for web access to links in documents and a 'top level domain' (ie. '') as required.
  • Post-event data processing, reporting and analysis.
More services are available as optional extras (see below).
Email to enquire or make a provisional booking
£1,485 + delivery
Individual components
The 'Do it Yourself' Option If you are familiar with InfoAktiv, having used the demo version, you may want to save money by setting up the system yourself. You can rent kiosk hardware and a temporary upgrade to InfoAktiv Professional software for a specific event.
The InfoAktiv Demo program can be used to set up your content prior to the event.
InfoAktiv Professional Software - 1 week single system license
Kiosk Hardware - 1 week single kiosk hire
Optional extras - prices on application
Delivery Delivery and collection of the InfoAktiv system to and from the venue.
Software installation Have InfoAktiv software pre-installed on a hired kiosk, making it ready for you to upload your own content. You might choose this option if you have ordered hardware and software only without any other services.
Graphic panel printing Customize and promote your kiosk by covering the front panel with a large printed graphic.
Content creation and customisation InfoAktiv and Premier Partners can create graphics, banners, icons, backgrounds, quizzes, prize draws and individual items of content for your system. This is a one-time charge that depends on the time taken.
Tailoring the display and distribution options for individual documents. Each document you display on the system can be tailored with:
  • A unique Icon.
  • A title that is different to its real file name.
  • Restrictions on how it can be distributed.
  • Extra questions a user must answer before taking the document.
  • A unique email template (including tailored 'cc' 'bcc' and 'reply to' fields).
  • Keywords.
  • Adjusting its position within the list of documents.
Email boxes to send information requests from InfoAktiv and Premier Partners can provide Email accounts to send requests for information from. For some organizations this is preferable to using an internal email account.
Customizing rules for secure web access There are numerous options in InfoAktiv to restrict which web sites can be viewed and what is permitted when visiting them (by blocking pop-ups, downloads etc.). This can be controlled right down to the level of individual URLs.
Badge scanning This requires a scanner and cooperation with the owner of the event's registration database.
  • Barcode scanner hire (waived if you purchase the event's official scanner service).
  • Pre and post-event coordination with the database owner to provide contact information for scanned visitors.
Print-on-demand Duplex colour laser printers can be supplied.

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