Environmental Considerations

Most companies recognize that reducing paper usage is a very effective, conspicuous and even profitable way of reducing their impact on the environment.
InfoAkitv can help environmentally-conscious companies to reduce paper consumption and wastage by distributing information electronically and only printing what is actually going to be used.

A few statistics:

  • The paper industry is the 5th largest consumer of energy in the world.
  • Of the 300 million tons of paper produced annually over 50% of it is believed to be incinerated or put into landfill sites within1year of its production. 
  • It is estimated that the production of 1 tonne of virgin paper consumes energy equivalent to 253 gallons of petrol and creates over 2.6 tonnes of greenhouse gasses.

If you can spare a few minutes, a short white paper by Dr Daniel Judson makes some eye-opening reading.
 Please click here to view the white paper

We hope that by working with you, InfoAktiv can help you to achieve your environmental goals.