Solutions for Briefing Centres and Offices

Improve Communications - Create the Best Impression - Maximize Cross-Selling

Few people would choose to fill a customer centre with racks of brochures. On the other hand, not having the right information immediately available can result in missed opportunities….

InfoAktiv TouchScreen solves this dilemma at a stroke. It is a simple, attractive and secure information terminal that is designed for use in public areas. You can have every piece of your company’s valuable information available where it can be found easily; behind a slick TouchScreen interface.

  • Have your complete range of collateral available on a TouchScreen system in an attractive, manageable form.
    • Present PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, Videos and podcasts.
    • Permit customers to take information in electronic or printed form.
  • Raise awareness and generate leads.
    • Knowing exactly who has requested what provides highly qualified leads.
    • Animation, videos and interactive presentations provide attractive and involving communications.
    • Competitions and quizzes can be used to raise awareness about your company and products.
  • Maximise the ROI from your briefing centre
    • Cross-selling opportunities are maximized across diverse product ranges. Visitors can find out about subjects unrelated to the one they were invited to hear about, generating new business.
  • Create the right impression.
    • TouchScreen is ‘high tech’, efficient and environmentally friendly.