InfoAktiv TouchScreen Benefits

InfoAktiv solutions increase companies’ return on investment by enabling better, more effective communications while saving time and money.

Improving Marketing Communications
Always have the best information available where and when it’s needed.
Respond faster by eliminating the delays caused by conventional print and distribution..
Gather feedback and leads by exploiting the information collecting capabilities of InfoAktiv TouchScreen..
Communicate more effectively by adapting materials for specific markets..

Improving Marketing Communications

For example:

  • Produce more documents in native languages.
  • Deliver information via the customer’s preferred medium.
  • Produce industry-specific collaterals.

Maximizing Return on Investment
Extract more value from your investment in tradeshows and stores by using the interactive tools on InfoAktiv TouchScreen to increase the quantity and quality of customer engagements.
Enjoy productive use within hours. InfoAktiv is outstandingly easy to set up, intuitive to use and backed up with comprehensive services and support.
Protect your investment in existing products and processes thanks to InfoAktiv’s flexibility and compatibility with industry standards.
Reduce the administrative time spent on producing, proofing, printing, managing and distributing collaterals.

Reducing Costs
Only print the quantities of brochures required.
Reduce postage, management and distribution costs.
Plan your printing and marketing budgets more accurately by taking advantage of the statistics collected.

Supporting Enviromental Policies
‘Walk the talk’ on environmental initiatives by reducing paper consumption and wastage; minimizing the environmental impact of printing, storing and transporting collaterals.