InfoAktiv TouchScreen

Ideal for events, stores and public areas

It is optimised to address three critical success factors:

  • Increase customer footfall and engagement
  • Improve customer communications
  • Reduce marketing costs

What is it ?

InfoAktiv TouchScreen is a standardized product that is very easy for non-technical personnel to deploy and manage. It can pay for itself in a matter of weeks.

It is a complete package of hardware, software and services for use at trade shows and in fixed locations such as retail stores, reception areas and branch offices. It provides an interactive, versatile and efficient way to provide on-demand information to customers and gather information about them.

For customers it provides a fast, intuitive touch-screen interface to search for, view and take copies of your company information. The customer can choose to take the information in whatever format is most convenient. The options include Email, instant printing, USB Flash Memory, MP3, video and mailing a quality hardcopy.

For the marketer it provides an easily managed way to ensure that every piece of company collateral is up to date and available when and where it’s needed. Gone are the constraints of taking a limited selection of brochures to trade shows and carrying most of them back to the office again. Wastage and printing costs are slashed, and producing brochures in multiple languages can be done without multiplying the printing costs.

As well as saving time and money, InfoAktiv can increase the return on your other marketing investments. For example, the interactive QuizMaster and Details Collection applications are a very cost-effective way of increasing customer traffic at exhibition booths and stores while gathering market research and generating leads.