InfoAktiv Professional

A Powerful Multimedia Solution to Replace Handouts, Reduce Costs and Increase Sales.

InfoAktiv is the easiest and most cost-effective way to replace brochures and other handouts with an interactive terminal. It delivers a wide range of very valuable benefits that can not be achieved with traditional media.

InfoAktiv Professional Software - Features and Benefits

Benefit Feature Advantage
Communicate More Effectively Display PowerPoint, Flash, Video, MP3, specific web pages and executable files Take advantage of new media that convey more information in less time
Provide requested information by email or USB stick Deliver information in ways that customers can use, keep and share easily
Gather information and feedback from users Make communications a 2-way process and increase the quality of customer interaction
Update information and content at electronic speeds Be more flexible and responsive
Capacity for thousands of items Give individual customers exactly what they need, don’t limit them to an arbitrary selection
Interactive interface to browse and request information People are 3x more likely to read something they actively requested than something they received passively.
Maximize Sales and Marketing Productivity Track Who was Interested in What Reduce Missed Sales Opportunities
Take Control of the Sales Process Earlier
Systematically Generate Qualified Leads instead of just Contact names
Reduce the overhead of post-event qualification
Record all activity on the system Measure effectiveness and manage results
Save Time, Money and the Environment Amazingly easy to set up Reduce the time and money needed to prepare for events
Create and send emails automatically when users request information Save time, reduce errors and be more responsive
Provide information 'on-demand' Reduce wastage
Replace print with digital media Reduce the expense and environmental impact of printing, distributing and managing literature