Custom Software and Hardware Solutions

Differentiate Your Company

If you want a different appearance or extra functionality, InfoAktiv provides a very functional and economical base for a customized solution. Starting with a proven, standardized foundation and having any modifications made and approved by the original manufacturer, gives you the fastest, most reliable and best supported route to your ideal solution.

Custom Software
Our skilled design and development teams can provide almost anything you want. Just contact us to discuss what you would like and decide on the ideal way
to do it.

  • Modify the design, content and layout of screens
  • Program new applications and functions into TouchScreen:
    • Product comparison
    • Expert systems for product selection
    • Cross-selling
    • Interactive product promotions
  • Modify data input or output for compatibility with other systems.
  • Write completely new applications to meet your requirements. 

Custom Hardware
Because InfoAktiv runs on standard equipment you have an enormous choice of hardware to run it on. InfoAktiv and our partners can:

  • Source a vast range of different screens, PCs and kiosks to run InfoAktiv on.
  • Build bespoke enclosures.
  • Integrate non-standard hardware items with your system.

Customization and additions by InfoAktiv and approved partners come with the same level of support as your standard InfoAktiv product.